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True Frames Episode 2 “End Profiteering” – links corporatization with charters, vouchers, and online schools but provides a clear and simple frame. The explainer includes why “profiteering” is a better frame for alliance building with charter schools who are acting in the public interest and makes room for good corporate actors as potential supporters. It also narrows focus on the single issue of intentionally seeking to exploit social programs for profit. This episode features commentary from Jessica Tang, Shadiin Garcia and Nikhil Goyal.

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Bonnie Tai said : Guest Report 3 years ago

I appreciate the diversity of voices and representatives for the ed justice movement. I also think that it sends a clear message about some of the values behind this movement, like the focus on student learning that is connected to their lives and not one dominant group's perspective. The quality of images and sound is very professional. My recommendation would be to include more evidence in the messaging (e.g., Gonzales refers to 150 years of evidence but doesn't give more details), even if it's one statistic and one case study from credible sources. I would also encourage more specific messages for different audiences (e.g., classroom teachers, parents, policymakers, ed researchers). I feel like it is too general and too basic (especially for those already doing this work but even for those who don't necessarily identify with the ed justice movement but are active in their own schools and communities). Is there an action item you could leave people with at the end of each video? (Even if it is to give folks a concrete way to challenge a false frame and replace it with a "true frame.")

  • Understanding the profit motive in education can be a helpful frame to better grasp some of the powerful and competing interests in what and how schools operate in different communities.

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